Level 5 Smooth Finish

Level 5 SmoothwallLevel 5 The highest quality finish is the most effective method to provide a uniform surface and minimize the possibility of joint photographing and of fasteners showing through the final decoration. This level of finish is required where gloss, semigloss or enamel are specified. or when flat joints are specified over an untextured surface, or
where critical lighting conditions occur. The prepared surface shall be
coated with a drywall primer prior to the application of final decoration.

All joints and interior angles shall have tape embedded in joint compound and immediately wiped with a joint knife or trowel, leaving a thin
coating of joint compound over all joints and interior angles. Two separate coats of joint compound shall be applied over all flat joints and
one separate coat of joint compound applied over interior angles.
Fastener heads and accessories shall be covered with three separate
coats of joint compound. A thin skim coat of joint compound shall be
trowel applied to the entire surface. Excess compound is immediately
sheared off, leaving a film or skim coating of compound completely
covering the paper. As an alternative to a skim coat, a material manufactured especially for this purpose may be applied. The surface must
be smooth and free of tool marks and ridges. The prepared surface
shall be covered with a drywall primer prior to the application of the
final decoration.