Drywall Repair Services

Drywall Angels provides various drywall repair services to our customer base. So many issues can befall drywall and cause damage, but don’t worry – repairing drywall is not impossible however skill is needed to ensure blending. The common drywall repairs we provide to our  clients are:

  • Stress Crack Drywall Repair
    Stress cracks also referred to as wall cracks, ceiling cracks, drywall cracks, etc.. are usually quick repairs. When home’s settle, they tend to leave cracks here and there. Sometimes the cracks are small, no more than a foot, but sometimes they extend to near the length of the wall. Regardless of the size of your drywall stress crack, Drywall Angels can repair it! For stress crack drywall repair. – contact us.
  • Hole In Wall Repair
    The most common of repairs is a hole in the wall. This happens for many reasons, like a door knob, someone punching the wall, furniture penetrating the wall, plumbing or electrical cut outs. When you’ve got a hole in the wall, don’t fret, it’s repairable and when you hire Drywall Angels, we promise quality workmanship and texture blending. After paint, it will be as if the hole was never there. For hole in wall repair – please call or text 925-315-2789.
  • Water Damaged Drywall Repair
    Another common reason to require a drywall repair specialist is water damaged. Left alone, drywall that has become saturated with water will be damaged. Water damaged drywall can become loose, soft and will need more than likely need to be replaced. Water stains, that dried quickly can be floated and textured. When you need water damaged drywall repair. – don’t look any further than Drywall Angels – we’ve got your back!
  • Ceiling Repair
    Have you sustained damage to your ceiling? Common issues include falling through the attic space, plumbing or electrical cut outs, cracks, seams or visible joints, etc.. Regardless of how you’ve sustained drywall ceiling damage, Drywall Angels is your go-to for drywall ceiling repair.
  • Drywall Patch Repair
    Usually when someone is referring to needing a “patch repair” they are referring to a small area of drywall. Usually, to be considered a drywall patch – the area should be less than a square foot. However, if it’s over don’t worry… we repair any and all sizes of drywall damage. For professional drywall patch repair. – get in touch with our drywall repair professionals by contacting us!

We’ve covered common drywall repairs that we do – but don’t worry we can repair any damaged drywall. Do you have plaster walls or ceilings?. No matter your drywall issues – we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Drywall Angels For Drywall Repair?

Here at Drywall Angels, we do our best to work with our clients. From budgets to time scheduling – we’re here to work with you. We’re dedicated to quality workmanship, fair pricing, honest service and building lasting customer relationships. We genuinely want your business, love to stand out from the rest, and love when our customers talk about and recommend us because our service was great!

Each and every client is important, if ever we have an unsatisfied client we promise to make it right. When we catch our mistakes, we fix them, you don’t have to tell us. But in the event, for example, a joint or seam reappears within the warranty period, we will be back out quickly to make it right.

Our reputation on sites like Yelp show that we make our customer’s happy! When you need a drywall repair company --- give us a call and see why we’re a great choice. We promise, you will not be disappointed.



To help us serve you better, please have the following information available to help us produce an accurate quote:

  • How large is the damaged area? Approximate measurements can help us get you a quote over the phone.
  • Please take photos. Take a few photos using your smartphone or a digital camera and text or email them to drywallangels@gmail.com. Make sure to include your First and Last Name in the email so we can keep track of who is requesting the repair.
  • Is the damage in your wall or ceiling? If it is in your ceiling, how tall is it? Normal height would be about 8 to 10 feet.
  • What kind of texture is on the wall or ceiling where the damage is? You can visit our Texture Gallery page to see the different common types of textures so that we can match it. If it is not in that images, describe it as best you can.


  • If your repair is in the ceiling, please make sure that any furniture or items underneath the damage area are moved out of the way. If you are unable to do so ahead of your scheduled appointment, our team can assist you.
  • If your repair is on a wall, make sure any furniture or items are moved away from the damage.
  • Be ready to clear a room. Larger scale ceiling repairs or popcorn scrapes require the room to be mostly empty. Our technicians are able to maneuver around a few pieces of furniture, but they will be unable to complete the job if the room is cluttered.
  • Put away any items that can get in the way of the repair process. If you have any rare, valuable, or fragile property/pieces of furniture in the area we are repairing, please move them out of the room as our technicians are not responsible for any broken or damaged items.