Drywall finishing is the process of applying drywall finish. In the trade, we usually refer this to the process of taping, topping, skimming and texturing. However, in some instances the duties can be split out, and the taper would ready the the drywall for the finish by taping, topping and skimming the joints. The drywall finisher would then come in to texture. It varies from company to company. But ultimately, after the drywall is installed or even patch repaired: it will need drywall finishing.

Drywall finishing is crucial for the overall turn out of your walls and ceilings. If not 'finished' correctly, your drywall will not look good. Skipping steps should never be done, and that is why hiring a professional will get you professional results.

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Drywall Textures and Smooth Finishes

Knockdown Texture | Skip Trowel Texture | Orange Peel Texture | Splatter Texture | Level 4 Smooth | Level 5 Smooth | Old World Texture.