Our Past & Present

It all begin back in 1970 with grandpa (Paul Hogan). Paul has taught my father (Ron Hogan Sr) the drywall trade. Paul took my father since he was a kid at 13 to get familiar with drywall projects. As the years went past my father branched off and raised his own company by the age 34.

As for me (James Hogan) & (Ron Hogan Jr) our father took us to project’s around the same age 13-14 we got really familiar with the drywall industry. Me & my brother has paid close attention to every project and learned from the best. We have many years in the drywall trade and look forward to Drywall Angels being one of the best drywall companies in California.

We do not give up when things get rough we only get stronger under pressure. Drywall Angels will do whatever it takes to make it in this drywall trade. We take the upmost pride in Drywall Angels workmanship. Every team member of Drywall Angels is like a family member. If there is any problems on any of our projects we will get to it immediately.

From small projects, to large projects, we’re here for you! From the first call, we’re committed to your satisfaction. Get in touch today and see why we’re different from the rest.

Commercial & Residential Projects

Here at Drywall Angels, we can complete a variety of drywall services ranging from small patches, popcorn ceiling removals, residential drywall installation to small and mid-size commercial installations. Hire an established, third generation drywall company who can complete your project on-schedule, on-budget with precision and care. Call us today!

Project Coordination

Drywall Angels works very hard to coordinate every single project with a smooth process. We understand deadlines very well, therefore we have practiced many hours on how to simplify the project coordinating process. We would like you to have full trust in our project coordinators and have no regrets that you have hired Drywall Angels. If there is a problem on your project we will take it seriously no matter how small or big the problem is. Drywall Angels has worked years to build our reputation for on-time scheduling and deadlines.


We care about our clients!

Quality Workmanship

100% Guaranteed

Drywall Angels takes great pride in our workmanship, we stand behind our workmanship 100%. We also understand that workmanship is another key to running a great business and we also understand if you do not stand behind your workmanship you will not have any repeat customers. We value our customers and make sure that they are happy with our work. There is no excuses for bad workmanship. If you have a problem with our workmanship we will be right out to your project to ensure that you are happy with our services.

Communication Is Key

Eliminating Miscommunication

Drywall Angels understands one huge factor in our day to day business which is communication, we have practice proper communication techniques with our team members. Mistakes in any company is a given, it is the repetition of mistakes that will be a huge down fall for drywall angels, therefore we handle every mistake on a one time only basis. If there is a problem we  handle with mindful and straight forward communication through our entire team. Drywall Angels has studied the down fall for many business on what exactly went wrong and prepare our selves for any issues that will arrive. Drywall Angels does not like any miscommunication between our team or clients, we fully understand that crystal clear communication is one of the keys that opens the portal of a great business to strive on.